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manual shift knobs reviews
Theresa W Chavez
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I asked the customer service for the disassembly method. The original shift knob is too ugly. I removed it and replaced it with aluminium alloy shift.
Dragon Ball shift knobs review
Donald J Aliff
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It's very nice, the hand feel is very good, after the change, the car feels a lot easier to drive, the price is still cheap, if you like it, hurry up and start.
katana shifter
George S Krebs
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Feel good, easy to install, used for a period of time, samurai sword shift knobs to the overall very good.
Pokemon Ball shift knobs
Chris Haynes
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This Pokemon Ball shift knob feels very nice and adds a lot of fun to my old car !!!!! Good goods to share with everyone!
Black Gear 8 Ball Shifter Knob
Dennis Brodsky
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If I could describe it in one word, it would be perfect.
Dragon Ball gear shift knob
Elizabeth Broadwell
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Dragon Ball for Mazda 323. It's a good fit, and the handle feels nice. Excellent quality and reasonable price.
Randal Savage
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The gear shift knob packaging is perfect, the appearance is very good at night, and it feels great value for money! The customer service is also very patient and meticulous.
Bruce Martinez
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This metal gear shift head has a very obvious improvement in the feel of shifting, and it is very convenient to install. It can be done by myself. It took me 3 minutes to do it.
Mary Smith
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The alternate citroen shift knob is very good, the same as the original, the quality is very good! The customer service answered questions in a very timely manner, and at first they would not change it, but the customer service sent a tutorial and it was replaced smoothly.
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