Heavy Weighted Shift Knobs

Heavy Weighted Shift Knobs make shifting smoother and faster by providing extra power and reducing the force required to move the shift lever.

Weighted design improves grip and comfort in the hand by fitting well, suppressing vibrations, and enhancing road feedback. Compared to lightweight original plastic gear knobs, heavy-weighted shift knobs are typically made of sturdy metal, which makes them more durable and long-lasting.

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Heavy weighted shift knob
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Showing all 30 results

Advantages of Heavy Weighted Shift Knobs

Improved Shift Precision: Weighted shift knob provides a smoother, more precise shift feel, reducing the possibility of missed shifts and gear grinding. This improved precision will be especially appreciated by drivers who value a responsive transmission.

Enhanced Driving Experience: The added weight of the shift knob makes shifts feel more controllable. Enhanced haptic feedback and interaction with the vehicle make every drive more enjoyable.

Personalization: The heavy weighted shift knob is designed with aesthetics in mind, providing a sleek, sporty look that complements the style of your vehicle. More unique visual appeal.