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Custom Shift Knobs

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BMW Aftermarket Shift Knob
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Custom Cool Shift Knobs

All Custom Gear Shift Knobs Fit for Most Manual & Auto Trans Car, and Comes with Adapters. 

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custom carbon fiber shift knobs

Custom Carbon Fiber Series

Carbon fiber is a new type of polymer lightweight composite material, which has heat & cold resistance, corrosion resistance, and other properties. Not cold in winter not hot in summer. And its appearance has cool textures, very popular & awesome in Custom Modification Field. 

Aftermarket Shift Knobs

Fit for BMW, Porsche, Toyota, Ford, Subaru, Lexus. Quality is the Same as the Original Gear Knob.

Custom LED Shift Knobs

BMW Crystal Shifter

Quality Same as OEM, Perfect fit for F & G Chassis BMW. 1 to 1 dedicated customer service support. The Most Popular Models: X5 F15/G05, X3 G08/F25, 3 Series F30/G20, 5 Series G30. (Customer Installation Cases)

6 Speed leather BMW Shift Knob

Aftermarket BMW Shift Knobs

High-Quality Aftermarket Zhp Manual & Auto Gear Knobs for BMW, Perfect fit for E Chassis, F Chassis & G Chassis. The quality is the same as the OEM. Hot selling models: E30, E46, E90.

About CoolShiftKnobs

Coolshiftknobs is a professional shift knob manufacturer, we specialized in the production of personalized custom & aftermarket gear shift handles for more than 10 years.

If you’re looking for unique gear knobs to upgrade your interior, please contact us. We offer the most complete and varied selection of shift knobs on the market for most vehicles, whether manual or automatic transmission car, LED Illuminated, Luminous, Weighted or Lightweight. Whatever you need or want, we’ll help you quickly find the best product.

Our Advantages: All products listed are in stock. Support Personalized Customization. Customer Service is Always Online.

Customize Your Own Shift Knob

Although we have a large selection of shift knobs in stock to choose from, we realize that you may want to create one that is your own. With something you treasure. A good idea for a shift knob is to commemorate an important memorable event, like a wedding anniversary shift knob for a happy couple, with the name and wedding date engraved on it. You get the idea! The possibilities are endless. For custom orders please message us directly.

in stock custom shift knob


With dozens of cool shift knobs, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our store, and it will be unique and personalized to match.

Unique Shift Knobs

Unique Shift Knob

Visit our unique collection We offer our most personalized designs ready to order with one click!

customize shift knob products

Custom Shift Knob

To design and order a custom shift knob that engraved a special figure, logo or other meanings leave us a message.

Customer Testimonial

At Coolshiftknobs, we value our customers’ feedback and unique customized needs. We invite you to share your experience with our customizable products and services by leaving a review. Whether you purchased a shift boot or shift knob, we want to hear from you. Trustpilot Reviews

A successful customize product may come from an idea that the customer inadvertently had!

So I received my cool shift knob for my jeep yesterday. It was the purple/blue 20cm one. It’s about 8 inches for us in the U.S. It’s really cool. I love the color, the bubbles, and the weight of it. My only gripe/complaint is that it only came with 2 adapter fittings. You may find yourself having to buy different adapters at Home Depot. This is only one small complaint for such a cheap knob for what you get, it’s a good deal. It’s a great feeling shifter otherwise. Love it.


Emily Valdez
6 speed mustang cool shift knob

I bought a bunch of cool custom shift knobs 6 Speed to get a feel for them. I liked this one the most as it feels awesome in the hand. Love the fact it came with adapters to fit my Mustang. Very High quality, I have NOTHING bad to say about it! Highly recommend! My picture doesn’t do it justice, it looks so good in person! It’s even got a little weight to it.


Taffy Michele

I made an order on Thursday and got it by Monday, for my 2019 BMW X5 G05. The crystal glass shift knob was on great condition and looks so nice! The site didn’t mention the volume button but I emailed ahead and confirmed it would be included. Very responsive seller. Also helped with the installation quickly.



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