Bubble Shift Knobs

The bubble design offers a comfortable grip and a custom feel. Crafted from high-quality acrylic materials, the bubble shifter is designed to last and add a touch of personality to any vehicle.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing shift knob or give your car a personal touch, JDM style bubble shifter is a perfect choice.

Coolshiftknob is a professional supplier of various kinds of bubble shifters and also supports personalized customization.

JDM Bubble Shift Knob
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Coolshiftknob’s Advantages on Bubble Shifters

1. Material
We use environmentally friendly acrylic raw material. we have a permanent acrylic material agent who provides us with superior-quality acrylic. Thanks to our long-term cooperation, the supply of raw materials is very stable.

2. Techniques
We have our own well-equipped factory which now has 6 production lines. The techniques we use are cutting, polishing, hot bending, CNC engraving, sandblasting, sticking, laser engraving, printing, spraying, grinding, etc.

3. Service
We offer OEM and ODM services. 95% of acrylic products are customized; so we have excellent engineers and technical personnel who have devoted themselves to the acrylic field for many years here to design for you.
Besides, we also have ready-made acrylic products for your selection.