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customizable shift knobs

Market Report On Customizable Shift Knobs

Table of Contents Introduction of customizable shift knobs Customizable shift knob is a product that allows car owners to personalize their gear lever with different designs, colors, materials, and shapes. Customized gear shift knobs enhance the aesthetics and comfort of the car’s interior while reflecting the driver’s personality and preferences. Market Overview The global customizable […]

shift knob guide

Comprehensive Shift Knobs Guide to Usage, Installation, and Selection

What a car shift knob is and what it does A car gear shift knob, also known as a shift knob, or gear lever knob, is the physical interface between the gear lever and the driver’s hand. It is used to change the gears of the car manually or automatically, depending on the type of […]

toyota levin

Toyota Levin JDM Style Modification

Today, this Revin broke everyone’s traditional impression of this model and used its “ingenuity” to create a unique Revin. Revin is a car that can no longer be used for home use. As for the improvement in power, unless the engine is replaced, it will not feel obvious improvement, so the owner chose JDM attitude […]

Honda SPIRIOR Modification Case

Nowadays, turbocharged engines have gradually become the mainstream, and how many people still have the opportunity to experience the pleasure brought by self-priming high-speed engines. Maybe in a few years, when new energy becomes the mainstream model, even the roar of the engine will not be felt, what a pity that would be. But the […]

JDM Enthusiast Modified Silvia S14

When the owner got the car, he had almost bought the modified parts. Full USDM body kit, TEIN coilovers, invidia g200 exhaust, and oz superturismo wheels. In the interior, the owner first changed the central control display of the 2din pioneer, and then modified the steering wheel for the street. Of course, you can still […]

Toyota Corolla XSE (2)

Red Lightning Toyota Corolla XSE

When it comes to Corolla, most people must have the impression of that family car, but when looking back at the history of the Corolla, you will find that the 1.6L inline four-cylinder 4A-GEU engine has been installed in the fifth-generation Corolla car series. Due to the success of the initial D comics and the […]

toyota yaris modified

Modified Toyota Yaris For Family Use

The car owner decided to buy a small car when choosing a car because he did not have enough driving experience. Because the Toyota Yaris is extremely cost-effective in the same class, it became the object of her final purchase. The original 16-inch wheels were upgraded to 17-inch Raxer RP10X. This wheel is very cost-effective, […]

mugen parts for honda

Mugen Auto Parts Special For Honda

MUGEN, a brand founded by Hirotoshi Honda, specializes in developing high-performance versions of Honda models.  In 1973, Hiroshi Honda founded his own modification brand MUGEN Unlimited. The brand MUGEN Unlimited is known to all Honda fans, and it is synonymous with Honda’s performance. MUGEN is an extremely legendary brand, which can be understood literally as […]

JDM culture Initial D

JDM Japanese Classic Modified Car

What’s JDM? All friends who love car modification should be familiar with this word. But there are also many friends who mention JDM, and their first impression is only the classic model in “Initial D”. So, what exactly is JDM? JDM is the Japanese domestic market, which refers to vehicles and their spare parts produced […]

JDM Style Cars

Why are More Young People Liking JDM Retrofits?

JDM cars are often modified with a variety of aftermarket parts and accessories to enhance their performance and appearance. In recent years, more and more young people are interested in JDM modification. In this article, we explore why more and more young people are attracted to JDM modding. One of the main reasons why young […]

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