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BMW 2013 320Li Manual Shift Knobs Replacement

The 2013 BMW 320Li manual version, the most complaining is the shift knob. The original shift knob will slip, the hand feel is very bad. For the new replacement, frosted aluminum, top-notch feel, better than genuine leather. How to Remove and Install Press down these two sides and push in the middle to remove the […]

Civic Replacement Gear shift knobs

8th Generation Civic Replacement Manual Gear Shift Knobs

The original civic gear shift knobs have been worn for a long time. Our customers ordered new all-aluminum alloy gear shift knobs from our website, which feels very good. Below is the record of installing shift knobs. The original gear shift knobs can be unscrewed by turning it counterclockwise. There is a buckle between the […]

Weighted Shift Knobs

What Do Weighted Shift Knobs Do?

We all know that weighted shift knobs are essential for keeping an engine running smoothly and quietly. But, what does a car shifting system really do? Let’s take a look at the science behind the technology and find out. A knob is a type of control that turns something on or off. Weighted shift control […]

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