Shift Knobs

Shift Knobs are the most frequently used part of the car. If used for a long time, it is prone to wear and aging. If you are searching for the perfect customized gear shift knob for your vehicle. Or perhaps you’re looking for a good replacement part to achieve a better driving experience. Coolshiftknobs is a good choice for you to find varieties of shift knobs and accessories. We offer more than 1000 high-quality shift knobs.

You can choose from hundreds of options for 5-speed, 6-speed manual transmissions or automatic transmissions. Whether you have a BMW, Ford, Audi, Mercedes, Toyota, Citroen, etc, you can find a suitable shift knob to meet your needs.

Shift Knobs Classification

  • Customize (Jdm style, Crystal, Bubble, Spherical, Skull style),
  • Aftermarket Shift knobs (BMW, Mustang, Audi, Jeep, Mercedes, Opel, Peugeot, Renault, Toyota, Volvo, Citroen…),
  • Shift Boots
  • Shift Sticks
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Showing 1–80 of 177 results