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Interior Upgrade Case - BMW Crystal Shifter

BMW’s interior design mainly follows driver-centric and ergonomic principles. It makes the overall interior look more dynamic, which is also in line with BMW’s definition of sportiness and vitality. Compared to the interior of the Mercedes, it is more sporty and less luxurious.

Now BMW interior upgrades have become a popular modification project. Among them, the BMW Crystal Shifter modification has extremely enhanced interior luxury. Elevate your BMW interior with the Crystal Controls Package.

Coolshiftknobs is a professional and responsible supplier of BMW crystal shifters. In the past few years, we have collected many actual installation cases and continue to analyze and summarize these cases. To continuously improve our products and services.

The Most Installed BMW Models:

  • 3 Series F30, G20
  • 5 Series F10, G30
  • X3 F25, G08
  • IX3 G08
  • X5 F15, G05 

5 Series G30

5 series G30 Crystal shifter

Installation Date: August 2, 2023

Our Customer chose the RND Logo Crystal Shifter for his 5 series. The installer removed the entire shift module and installed it outside the vehicle. This ensures that the shift knob is always powered off during the entire installation process, avoiding short circuits.

Customer Feedback: It fits the temperament of the 5 Series very well. Shifting is very smooth, and the damping of the buttons is also very comfortable. Needless to say about the appearance, it looks better than in the photos, and it’s worth of the price.

3pcs Bmw Crystal Controls
BMW Crystal Shifter 5 Series G30

3 Series G20

Install 3 Series G20 Crystal Shifter

Installation Date: October 20, 2023

This customer chose the Colorful M Crystal Shifter for the 3 series G20. This generation of the 3 series is an MGU host. Follow our tutorial and remove the entire center console to ensure a complete power outage.

Customer Feedback: The crystal shifter is very beautiful, the product texture is very good, a bit of Swarovski feeling, the workmanship is no different from the OEM crystal handle, and it was installed in half an hour.

Crystal volume button for 3 series G20

IX3 G08

Installation Date: Sep 18, 2023

This customer chose the M logo Crystal Shifter(ambient light version) for iX3. The installation method for all MGU host models is the same. First remove the entire center console, disconnect the power supply, and then install it.

Customer Feedback: It was my first time modifying a car, and everything went smoothly, the grip of the gear knob is delicate, and the crystal gear knob fits the car very well. At night, there will also be LED M lights sync with ambient lights that are super cool. Looks much better than the original gear knob.

M Crystal Shifter IX3 G08
Crystal Shifter M logo iX3

X3 G08

Installation Date:  December 06, 2022

This customer chose the X Logo Crystal Shifter(Ambient Lights Version) for X3 G08. The color of the X Logo can sync with ambient light. It adds a lot of luxury feel to the interior compared to the original shifter.

Custom Feedback: The crystal gear knob instantly elevates the interior to a higher level and looks good too. The workmanship is fine, the quality is crystal clear, the installation is particularly simple, and all the original functions are retained. Already recommended it to my friends.

BMW Crystal Shifter X3 G08
BMW X3 Crystal shifter

X5 G05

Installation Date: September 7th, 2023

This customer chose the X logo Crystal Shift Knob (Ambient Lights Version) for the 2019 X5 xDrive50i. The installation method is still to remove the entire center console and replace it. (Guide for Removing and installing X5 G05 center console trim)

Customer Feedback: Compared with the original car’s plastic gear knob, the crystal gear knob is impeccable in terms of feel, texture, and visual effects. Synchronized with the ambient lights in the car, the atmosphere of the entire interior has been greatly improved. Replacing the original gear lever does not affect the function of the original car. It is a recommended product.

X5 G05 Crystal shift knob with ambient light

X5 F15

Installation Date: Nov 29th, 2023

The customer wanted to replace the old plastic gear knob because the old plastic gear knob was scratched and faded. The crystal gear knob fully met his needs and also improved the entire interior environment for X5 F15.

X5 F15 Crystal Shifter
BMW X5 F15 Crystal Shifter Installation

Installation Tutorial

Below are our installation guides for your reference. We will send detailed installation instructions separately according to your car model after you made the order.

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