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Civic Replacement Gear shift knobs

8th Generation Civic Replacement Manual Gear Shift Knobs

The original civic gear shift knobs have been worn for a long time. Our customers ordered new all-aluminum alloy gear shift knobs from our website, which feels very good.

Below is the record of installing shift knobs.

civic manual shift knobs
civic manual gear shift knobs

The original gear shift knobs can be unscrewed by turning it counterclockwise. There is a buckle between the dust jacket and it will automatically fall off. Unscrew it as shown in the picture below. 

At the same time, you also need an extended dust cover. This leather is much better than the original one. When you buy it, you will get a strap, which is for fixing.

civic Extended dust cover
civic shifter

The next step is to remove the previous dust cover and pull it down from the upper left corner by hand. There are 4 metal spring clips inside.

In turn, you can see that there are four hexagon socket screws, and you can see that the quality of the original dust jacket is not good.

civic dust cover replacement

Then turn the new dust cover over and fix it on the limit screw with a wire tie. Put it on the plastic shell and screw it on directly to hold it down.

fix civic dust cover
screw plastic shell

Then put the dust cover back on. When installing, first screw in the limit screw, then fasten the lower shell, and finally screw the gear shift knobs. The following is the installed renderings. This ball feels very good and will not fade.

Civic Replacement Gear shift knobs
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