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customizable shift knobs

Market Report On Customizable Shift Knobs

Table of Contents Introduction of customizable shift knobs Customizable shift knob is a product that allows car owners to personalize their gear lever with different designs, colors, materials, and shapes. Customized gear shift knobs enhance the aesthetics and comfort of the car’s interior while reflecting the driver’s personality and preferences. Market Overview The global customizable […]

shift knob guide

Comprehensive Shift Knobs Guide to Usage, Installation, and Selection

What a car shift knob is and what it does A car gear shift knob, also known as a shift knob, or gear lever knob, is the physical interface between the gear lever and the driver’s hand. It is used to change the gears of the car manually or automatically, depending on the type of […]

Fiat Abarth 695 Biposto shift knob

The Most Special Car Gear Shift Handle Design

From BMW’s electronic gear handle that resembles a “big chicken leg”, and Jaguar’s rotary lift shifter, to Mercedes-Benz’s column gear, major brands have unique gear handle designs. There are more and more types of car shift heads, and the ever-changing shapes are dazzling. Hurst Edition Ford Mustang The first to appear is a modified car, which […]

mustang classic custom shift knob

2015 Mustang Most Stylish Driveability Improvement – Barton Short Shifter

Barton short shifter, this short shifter is not just to replace a beautiful gear lever but can shorten the shift stroke by 25%, and can greatly improve the feel of the shift. After the replacement, the shifting will have a more racing feel, and all the vibrations and abnormal noises on the original shifter will […]

mustang white shift knob

Mustang 50th Anniversary Gear Shift Knob Modification

The gear shifter is one of the items that Mustang fans must modify. This white spherical retro gear shifter can even be said to be the most muscular and accented modification item. Many American Mustang owners have already used the 50th Anniversary Edition gear knob. There is also a black 50th-anniversary edition.  And also have […]

mugen carbon fiber shift ball

Mugen Carbon Fiber Manual Gear Shift Knob

If you want everyone to buy a manual transmission model, I believe many people are unwilling. After all, manual gear is complex and difficult to control in the eyes of many people, and some people think that manual gear is a low-end product. With the development of science and technology, the current transmission research and […]

gear shift knob replacement recommend

Gear Shift Knob Replacement Recommendations

Let every gear change be full of passion What do you care about the most while driving? Simply put, it is controllability! As a driver, the parts that come into contact with the car are nothing more than the gear, steering wheel, and seats. The communication between the car and you are transmitted through these […]

Reliable Shifting Handball

What Form of Manual Shift Knob is the Most Scientific?

At present, the common shift knobs on the market include leather, wooden, metal, and plastic, in addition to long, short, and other different shapes. For car enthusiasts, what form should the shift knob in manual transmission use? The shift knob is simply a hand-matched shift ball mounted on the gearbox shift mechanism. But it is […]

Weighted Shift Knobs

What Do Weighted Shift Knobs Do?

We all know that weighted shift knobs are essential for keeping an engine running smoothly and quietly. But, what does a car shifting system really do? Let’s take a look at the science behind the technology and find out. A knob is a type of control that turns something on or off. Weighted shift control […]

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