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X5 G05 Crystal Controls Set

BMW X5 G05 Crystal Shifter Set Installation Case

This blog records the customer feedbacks on the BMW Crystal Shifter For X5 G05. All images provided by customers. (Continually updated)  Installation Tutorial for X5 3pcs BMW Crystal Shift Knob Set: Crystal Shifter, Crystal Multimedia Button, Crystal Start Button 1.Crystal Shifter 2.Crystal Multimedia Button, 3.Crystal Start Button 4Pcs Crystal Shifter Set 1.Crystal Shifter 2.Crystal Multimedia […]

BMW Tuning Swarovski Crafted Crystal Gear Knob Triple Kit

BMW’s new crystal shift handle kit, the crystal craft shift handle head is more noble than the original car shift handle. The rhombus-cut diamond crystal has better texture and feel, no matter from which angle you can clearly see where the gear is, the overall visual sense is more high-end than the original car, M […]

F06 640i crystal shifter

BMW Crystal Shifter RND + M Logo on F06 640

The customer’s model is the 2015 F06 640i Gran Coupe. Choose the RND + M Logo Crystal Shifter. According to the installation video we provided, the customer completed the installation independently. & NBT Crystal Multimedia Installation BMW Crystal Shifter Product RND Logo Complete Installation Guide

BMW Crystal Shift Knobs Series

BMW Crystal Shift Knob Installation Guide G Chassis with Ambient Lighting

Hi, this is Darren from Coolshiftknobs. In this post let’s talk about how to install BMW crystal shift knobs. Hope it will be helpful. (Continually updated) Please note!1. Please disassemble the original gear knob center console and take it out of the car.2. Please be sure to pay attention to the cable buckle firmly when […]


MGU Crystal Series IDrive Multimedia Knob Installation Process

Applicable Models: BMW Z4 (G29) 2019-2020 BMW X5 (G05) 2019-2020 BMW X6 (G06) 2020 BMW X7 (G07) 2019-2020 BMW 3 (G20, G28) 2020 BMW 8 (G14,G15,G16) 2019-2020 Important Reminder: The power must be cut off before installation, otherwise you will bear the consequences. There is a danger of short circuit. Make sure there are no chargers […]

crystal shifter X logo X3 2022

BMW X3 2022 Replace Crystal Shifter Set

I suggest to everyone that the most essential point of installation is that the battery must be disconnected, and a wrench is required to unscrew the battery connection. Comparison before and after installation How to Install? Finally, plug in the battery and start the ignition. In short, the battery must be disconnected before replacement, in […]

bmw crystal shifter for x5 x6 x7 8 series

BMW Crystal Shifter Optional on X5 X6 X7 8 Series

The original BMW crystal shifter is made of Swarovski crystal, with 34 facets through fine grinding. There is an LED X logo inside the gear lever, which can be seen through every cutout and is very beautiful and futuristic when lit up at night. In fact, BMW is not the only company that applies crystal […]

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