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toyota levin

Toyota Levin JDM Style Modification

Today, this Revin broke everyone’s traditional impression of this model and used its “ingenuity” to create a unique Revin. Revin is a car that can no longer be used for home use. As for the improvement in power, unless the engine is replaced, it will not feel obvious improvement, so the owner chose JDM attitude […]

Toyota Corolla XSE (2)

Red Lightning Toyota Corolla XSE

When it comes to Corolla, most people must have the impression of that family car, but when looking back at the history of the Corolla, you will find that the 1.6L inline four-cylinder 4A-GEU engine has been installed in the fifth-generation Corolla car series. Due to the success of the initial D comics and the […]

toyota yaris modified

Modified Toyota Yaris For Family Use

The car owner decided to buy a small car when choosing a car because he did not have enough driving experience. Because the Toyota Yaris is extremely cost-effective in the same class, it became the object of her final purchase. The original 16-inch wheels were upgraded to 17-inch Raxer RP10X. This wheel is very cost-effective, […]

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