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JDM Enthusiast Modified Silvia S14

When the owner got the car, he had almost bought the modified parts. Full USDM body kit, TEIN coilovers, invidia g200 exhaust, and oz superturismo wheels. In the interior, the owner first changed the central control display of the 2din pioneer, and then modified the steering wheel for the street. Of course, you can still […]

JDM culture Initial D

JDM Japanese Classic Modified Car

What’s JDM? All friends who love car modification should be familiar with this word. But there are also many friends who mention JDM, and their first impression is only the classic model in “Initial D”. So, what exactly is JDM?  JDM is the Japanese domestic market, which refers to vehicles and their spare parts produced […]

JDM Style Cars

Why are More Young People Liking JDM Retrofits?

JDM cars are often modified with a variety of aftermarket parts and accessories to enhance their performance and appearance. In recent years, more and more young people are interested in JDM modification. In this article, we explore why more and more young people are attracted to JDM modding. One of the main reasons why young […]

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