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Advantages of Burmese Rosewood Used in Automotive Interiors

Burmese rosewood is one of the rosewoods with the best properties and highest stability. It is classified as a rare wood and is mainly produced in Southeast Asian countries such as Myanmar, Thailand, and Laos.

Burmese rosewood has unique advantages: stable wood quality, large and thick material, beautiful texture, and many other advantages. Not easy to change color, not easy to crack, deform, or corrode, it is easy to process & engrave, clear texture, resistant to friction, and the overall structure is solid.

Burmese Rosewood use on shift knob

Features of Burmese Rosewood

1. Hard Texture

The material is hard, heavy, and resistant to corrosion.

2. Beautiful Texture

The wood texture is ever-changing and beautiful like a picture. There are unique landscape patterns, water ripples, tiger skin patterns, etc.

3. Color Bright

The material color is noble and gorgeous. Burmese rosewood is rich in color, ranging from yellow, brown, and red to purple and yellow.

4. Natural Aroma

Burmese rosewood has a rich fruity aroma that is refreshing and beneficial to health.

Advantages of Burma Rosewood Use on Shift Knob

1. Precise and Smooth Shifting:

A weighted shift knob made from Burma Rosewood provides a more substantial and satisfying sensation during gear shifts.
The added weight promotes faster and more efficient gear changes, resulting in precise and smooth transitions between gears.

2. Enhanced Control

The weight distribution of the rosewood knob allows for better control over gear engagement.
Whether you’re downshifting for a spirited acceleration or smoothly shifting gears in traffic, the rosewood knob ensures a confident grip and improved control.

3. Personal Style and Customization

The rich colors and grain patterns of Burmese rosewood add an elegant touch to car interiors. And it is durable. The longer it is used, the glossier the surface of the gear handle will be. Car enthusiasts appreciate the unique aesthetics of redwood, making it a stylish choice for customization.

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