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eletronic shift knob F18 F20

Evolution History of BMW Electronic Gear Stick Shift Knob

The electronic gear lever is one of the designs that resembles a BMW totem and is recognizable to BMW elements such as Howth corners, angel eyes, L-shaped taillights, and shark fins. Each generation of electronic gear levers, combined with a gearbox with excellent shifting efficiency, can turn every horsepower output from BMW engines into driving pleasure, which is a classic design that the Bimmers will never forget.

On the road of continuous innovation, BMW’s interior design and gear lever shape gradually opened the road of evolution.

Column Shift

The fourth-generation 7 Series (E66) is BMW’s first model to be equipped with an electronic gear lever, and adopts the familiar column shift design so that the central armrest area can be divided into more function buttons.
bmw column shift
BMW has not used a column shift in the middle for more than ten years, but it is applied to the i3 (i01) model, the P gear position is moved above the shift, and the integrated one-button start, the shape of the i3 electronic gear lever is still impressive.

BMW Electronic Gear Lever

Originated from the second-generation BMW X5 (E70). With the perfect combination of electronic shift mechanism and mechanical gear lever, BMW has created a unique electronic gear lever shape.

In terms of how to use, the electronic shift knob can enhance the driving feeling more than the column shift, making the driving more atmospheric. Hold the left unlock button while pulling the gear lever up and down to complete the BMW’s forward or reverse, and press the top P button to park, the combination of function and design of the electronic shift knob appeared in the X5 car launched in 2006, the unparalleled sense of technology made many automotive media stunned.
bmw electronic shift knob

From the E chassis to the F chassis, the functionality of the electronic gear lever has not changed, but the shape has been evolving. For example, the familiar F18 5 series, F20 1 series, F3X 3 series.

In addition to the basic driving buttons, the M/S gear, which we call the “overtaking button”, can provide more exciting speed and shift sensitivity when driving in D gear, and cooperate with the Sport mode to make fast and safe overtaking easy.

eletronic shift knob F18 F20

Entering the G-chassis BMW era, BMW G12 7 Series, G38 5 Series, and G08 X3 led the appearance using the latest style of electronic gear lever.

G eletronic shift knob

It has become more stylish, the leather area on the back of the gear lever is larger, highlighting the luxury of the car, and models such as the BMW 7 Series can also be replaced with a ceramic iDrive knob for a better use experience.

Since 2019, the shape of BMW’s electronic gear lever has changed greatly, the upper part of the gear lever seems to use a black acrylic panel, and the P gear button has been moved to the back of the gear lever, and the overall shape is more simple.
2019 3 series eletronic shift knob

This set of electronic gear lever can also upgrade the electronic gear lever with crystal elements. The brilliant cutting surface is crystal clear like diamonds, making the atmosphere in the car more refined and gorgeous.

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