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what size shift knob do i need

What Size Shift Knob Do I Need

When it comes to customizing a car, one of the most popular modifications is to replace the shift knob. But what size shift knob do you need? In this article, we‘ll provide an overview of the different types of shift knobs and the sizes they come in, so you can choose the shift knob that‘s right for your vehicle.

The first step to determining the size of the shift knob you need is to measure the size of your current shift knob. The dimensions of a shift knob are usually marked on the knob itself, but if they’re not, you’ll need to measure the diameter and height of the shift knob to get an accurate measurement. Once you know the size of your current shift knob, you can begin looking for replacement knobs that are the same size. Some shift knobs come in standard sizes, such as a 10mm or 12mm thread size, and are compatible with most vehicles. If you have a non-standard shift knob, you may need to look for a custom-sized knob to ensure it fits properly.

When it comes to the height of the shift knob, you’ll want to ensure that the new knob is the same height as the original. If you choose a knob that is too tall or too short, it could affect the feel and performance of your vehicle.

In addition to the size of the shift knob, you’ll also want to consider the material and design of the knob. Shift knobs come in a variety of materials and styles, from plastic to wood to aluminum, and with a range of designs, from classic to modern. Choose a knob that matches the interior of your vehicle and complements your style.

Finally, if you’re looking for a custom-sized shift knob, you may be able to find one that fits your vehicle perfectly. Custom shift knobs can be made to fit any size, shape, and style.

Now that you know what size shift knob you need, you’re ready to start shopping for your new shift knob! With the right size and style, you can give your car a unique look and feel, while also improving its performance.

what size shift knob do i need

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