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1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

I believe that friends who like Hollywood and Nicolas Cage movies must not forget this Mustang and the 1967 Ford Mustang sports car is even more memorable.
1967 ford mustang

Before the filming started, the director imagined to find a high-performance car that could attract everyone’s attention.

This Mustang Shelby GT500 is powered by a 7.0L Cobra 428ci V8 engine and a five-speed manual transmission, complete Shelby Cobra style interior, Shelby Cobra wooden steering wheel, pedals and engine monitoring instrumentation.

1967 mustang shift knob

The prototype of this modified car comes from the 1967 production version, which uses a V8 engine and two huge 12-inch fans to satisfy the engine’s water cooling system. And the nitric oxide system at the rear is enough to give this muscle car a take-off speed.

Ceramic brake system, exquisite hand-modified interior, and reinforced suspension system give this 1967 Mustang a “performance” that does not belong to that era.

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