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mustang classic custom shift knob

2015 Mustang Most Stylish Driveability Improvement – Barton Short Shifter

Barton short shifter, this short shifter is not just to replace a beautiful gear lever but can shorten the shift stroke by 25%, and can greatly improve the feel of the shift.

After the replacement, the shifting will have a more racing feel, and all the vibrations and abnormal noises on the original shifter will be filtered out.

barton short shift set

Let’s look at the installation process first:

Looking up from the chassis, you can see the base of the factory shifter next to the exhaust pipe. After being removed, it becomes a hole.

After being removed, it becomes a hole

Put on the new Barton Short Shifer.

Put on the new Barton

Start to install the shift ball head.

In fact, the modification of the gear head is very common. Let’s take a look at some classic Mustang modified gear heads.

mustang shift knobs
mustang classic custom shift knob

Do you remember this? “GO BABY GO”, which appeared on the 1967 GT500 in the movie “Sixty Seconds”

go baby go gt500
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