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bmw crystal shifter for x5 x6 x7 8 series

BMW Crystal Shifter Optional on X5 X6 X7 8 Series

The original BMW crystal shifter is made of Swarovski crystal, with 34 facets through fine grinding. There is an LED X logo inside the gear lever, which can be seen through every cutout and is very beautiful and futuristic when lit up at night.

bmw crystal shifter for x5 x6 x7

In fact, BMW is not the only company that applies crystal to the gear shifter, but its technology is integrated. The P gear for parking is embedded in it. Only BMW can achieve this technology. Everyone knows that the hardness of crystal is second only to diamond, and it is not easy to scratch after holding it for a long time.

bmw crystal shifter for x5 x6 x7 8 series

The crystal shifter can provide the driver with the best vision and feel. Imagine holding the steering wheel and crystal shifter while waiting for traffic lights every day, it will definitely make people feel more happy.

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