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BMW Tuning Swarovski Crafted Crystal Gear Knob Triple Kit

BMW’s new crystal shift handle kit, the crystal craft shift handle head is more noble than the original car shift handle.

The rhombus-cut diamond crystal has better texture and feel, no matter from which angle you can clearly see where the gear is, the overall visual sense is more high-end than the original car, M color logo, with gear display. The night effect is perfect and crystal clear.

Compared with the original shift knob, the crystal gear handle is not only more fashionable and beautiful in appearance. Crystal technology has no paint peeling problem, and it is not easy to scratch and wear. The crystal shift handle is equipped with a crystal knob and a crystal one-button start button, commonly known as a crystal three-piece set. The first choice for interior modification is to improve texture.

Swarovski Crafted Crystal shift Knob
coolshiftknobs crystal shifter
crystal start button
bmw orginal shifter vs crystal shifter
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