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gear shift knob replacement recommend

Gear Shift Knob Replacement Recommendations

Let every gear change be full of passion

What do you care about the most while driving? Simply put, it is controllability! As a driver, the parts that come into contact with the car are nothing more than the gear, steering wheel, and seats. The communication between the car and you are transmitted through these three contact surfaces. By the way, there is sound!

This article focuses on [Gear Shift Knob], a good Shift Knob needs to meet:

1. Warm in winter and cool in summer (this is really difficult, especially for metal products)

2. The length matches your own arm.

3. Good grip.

gear shift knob replacement recommend

The grip of the shift knob is good or bad, and the driver of the manual transmission model feels the most. Because in daily driving, besides the steering wheel, the shift knob is the most contact. It seems that this is an unimportant part, but it always affects the efficiency and mood of every shift.

Black 8 Ball Shift Knob

Brand: Coolshiftknobs

Satisfaction: It is a little longer than the original, and it feels a bit quick dial. In theory, if the length of the waving stick is longer, the shift stroke will be longer, but it can reduce the force used when shifting (leverage principle). Click here for details.

Brand: Carmate

Satisfaction: Increasing the weight of the gear shift head will reduce the bounce of the gear handle, allowing you to be more precise when changing gears!

Brand: Civic Original

Satisfaction: It feels smooth in the hand and shifts smoothly.

Now more and more “pure performance cars” (referring to manual transmission cars) are equipped with a shift knob that feels very good. In addition to Civic SI, there are also Fiesta ST and Focus ST. For real car lovers, an extra pedal and manual gear can bring more driving pleasure than simple acceleration/deceleration!

Brand: Coolshiftknobs

Features: This is a custom samurai sword handle, 260mm long. Personality is very distinct. Click here for more details.

Brand: Coolshiftknobs

Features: In fact, the installation of the shift head is very simple, and it is a way to greatly improve the style of your car. Click here for more skull shape shift knobs.

Individuality Gear Shift Knob

Below are popular and highly distinctive custom shift handles. They are easy to install and suitable for most manual automatic transmission cars. (Click here for more custom shift knobs)
custom bubble shift knob
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