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6 Unforgettable Models From BMW

BMW is a car brand that is easy to make people feel different. In BMW’s century-old history, new and old models have alternated, but there are always some models that we will never forget and don’t want to say goodbye.

BMW E46 3 Series (1998-2005)

BMW E46 3 Series

The E46 fourth-generation 3 Series is the most special one among BMW’s many models. He has a graceful frame and the best athleticism of his generation.

Front rear drive, short front overhang, front and rear 50:50 weight ratio, vertical in-line six-cylinder, and elegant body proportions all subvert people’s understanding and cognition of cars.

BMW E86 Z4 (2002-2008)

Z is the German first letter for the future, so the BMW Z series represents the future and represents the idea of being ahead of the times. Even today, this brilliantly crafted early version of the Z4 is still exciting.
338-hp S54B32 self-priming six-cylinder

Even more fantastic is that the Z4 M model is equipped with the 338-hp S54B32 self-priming six-cylinder built by M-Power on the E46 M3. In the 7-year mission of the S54B32 engine, it has won the 3.0L-4.0L class champion of the “World Engine of the Year” for 6 consecutive years.

BMW E60 5 Series (2003-2010)

This is BMW’s fifth-generation 5-series model. Unlike the E46 3-series of the same period, the E60 BMW 5-series adopts a newer generation of exterior and interior design language, and has also achieved a generation of classic designs.

Innovation in interior and exterior design was not enough for this generation of the 5 Series, and in a later version introduced in 2007, the E60 BMW 5 Series standard wheelbase model introduced the 535i, equipped with the turbocharged engine of the BMW N54, which was the first step in BMW’s attempt to enter the turbo era. ZF automatic transmission with classic formula.

BMW E26 M1 (1978-1981)

In the late 1970s, BMW had reached a cooperation intention with Lamborghini to jointly produce a super sports car to participate in the competition but ultimately failed to do so. BMW did not give up, and still let this unprecedented and unprecedented BMW M1 be born.

During the three-year production cycle of the BMW M1, a total of 453 M1s were born, some of which were used in the competition version. The M1 is the rarest BMW model, and he is also known as the founder of the BMW M model.

BMW F12/13 6 Series (2011-2017)

The third-generation BMW 6 Series has completed its 7-year mission. Pass the baton of BMW’s large luxury coupe to the 8 Series. This model, which has always been hailed as the most beautiful BMW, is a combination of BMW’s outstanding sportiness, large GT sports car luxury, and elegance.

BMW F10/18 5 Series (2010-2017)

BMW F1018 5 Series

This generation of 5 Series has successfully created a calm and atmospheric appearance that is rarely seen in BMW. This generation of 5 Series should be the BMW model with the largest number of possessions. Its 8-speed gearbox and engine matching are called “golden partners”, and the driving experience is still the best in its class.

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