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3 series bmw shift knob

History of BMW Crystal Gear Stick Shift Knob

BMW’s electronic gear lever has long been famous all over the world with iconic designs such as “angel eyes”, “kidney grille” and “Huo’s corner”. BMW launched the second-generation BMW X5 (E70) in 2006. The electronic gear lever was first used in the central control area, with a simple and technological appearance design. Over the years, it is still the BMW gear lever we are used to.

Turning to 2018, BMW’s design of the electronic gear lever has not stopped. BMW chose to equip the X5 (G05) with the latest design of the family’s crystal-textured gear lever. It was refreshing when it was first launched, and it is still widely praised by car owners until now. Later, the design of the crystal gear lever has also been used on the million-level BMW X6, X7, and 8 series models.

bmw crystal gear lever

On the BMW X5, X6, and X7 models, the inside of the gear lever is inlaid with a capital “X” letter, while the inside of the BMW 8 Series crystal gear lever is the number “8” indicating identity.

X series Crystal shift knob
8 series crystal shift knob

The crystal gear lever was originally only equipped on BMW luxury models. Now, we can finally choose it on the new BMW 3 Series. The crystal-textured electronic gear lever will bring BMW a new luxury experience.

Swarovski’s diamond-like cutting process creates a pure, brilliant, and beautiful visual effect of the BMW crystal gear lever, which is extremely pleasing to the eye and attracts many BMW owners to upgrade.

The crystal gear lever launched for the new BMW 3 Series is exactly the same in design as the gear lever equipped on the BMW X5 X6 X7. The exquisite crystal shape has the number “3”, which greatly improves the texture of the 3 Series interior , which further accentuates the luxurious atmosphere inside the car, making the cabin full of sports passion more refined, elegant and radiant.

Night is the time when the light is the most “beautiful”. In the central control area of the new 3 series, the number “3” in the center of the crystal gear lever has an LED light-emitting function. The classic amber reflects a variety of luster through different crystal sections. Coupled with the contrast of ambient lights, the sense of luxury in the car is instantly enhanced.

At the same time, the crystal lever is purer than natural crystal, so the color is better. After processing (cutting, grinding, polishing), the formed gear lever is crystal clear, dazzling, and wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. Therefore, the crystal gear lever fully complies with the quality standards adhered to by BMW, and can meet all the needs of detail lovers.

As the soul model of the BMW brand, the BMW 3 Series not only creates a successful precedent in the global luxury sports sedan segment, but also is synonymous with the BMW brand, synonymous with driving pleasure, and the dream car of countless fans. The crystal gear lever launched for the new BMW 3 Series carefully considers the increasingly personalized car needs of customers, aiming to bring customers a more intimate and refined luxury experience.

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