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bmw e39 5 series classic

BMW’s story with Bangle from E39 to E93

BMW E39 5 Series

The BMW 5 Series is a series of medium-sized cars that BMW has produced since 1972, and it has now been launched to the sixth generation. Released in 1995, the BMW E39 5er was Bangle’s first production.

bmw e39 5 series classic

BMW E46 3 Series

The BMW 3 Series, the best-selling entry-level luxury sports sedan in the world, continues to bring crazy driving experiences to car fans. In March 1998, BMW released the fourth-generation 3 Series code-named E46.

BMW E60 5 Series

If the E39 change was an attempt by Chris Bangor after his arrival at BMW, the design of the E60 established a unique Bangle style in the market. 

The taillights look stunning. At that time, BMW’s contemporary taillights were mainly matched with a large area of red and a large area of white, but the combination of the 5 Series looked very refreshing, with the feeling of eagle eyes or wings from a distance.

BMW E66 7 Series

In 2003, BMW launched the E65 730i and the flagship model, the E66 760Li equipped with a 12-cylinder engine.

Moreover, the new 7 series after a slight facelift debuted in the spring of the same year. After an engine upgrade, this generation of the 7 series is more competitive. By 2008, the fourth-generation 7-series, which had undergone multiple upgrades, withdrew from the stage of history and was replaced by the fifth-generation 7-series code named F01/F02.

BMW E53 X5 Series

In 1999, the launch of the E53 X5 was an important milestone not only for the BMW brand, but also for the global car industry. Because the X5 is not only the first SUV model created by BMW, but also has a unique positioning: in addition to the versatility of an SUV, it also places special emphasis on handling and performance, making it the world’s first SAV.

BMW E90 3 Series

In March 2005, the fifth-generation 3 Series, code-named E90, was launched. Compared with the previous generation 3 series code-named E46, this generation of 3 series has undergone radical changes, and the core components such as the engine system, transmission structure, chassis, and suspension system have all changed. At the same time, more body parts are made of aluminum alloy to obtain lighter body weight.

bmw e90 3

BMW E92/E93 3 Series Coupe

In 2006, the E92 was BMW’s coupe version of the E90. The E93 was a convertible version of the E92.

bmw e92 3 series

From E39 to E93, it took 11 years. In these 11 years, these cars have been the most shining in their era. If you’re lucky enough to own one of these models, congratulations, you deserve it.

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