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BMW 2013 320Li Manual Shift Knobs Replacement

The 2013 BMW 320Li manual version, the most complaining is the shift knob. The original shift knob will slip, the hand feel is very bad. For the new replacement, frosted aluminum, top-notch feel, better than genuine leather.

bmw original shift knobs

How to Remove and Install

Press down these two sides and push in the middle to remove the dust cover. After removing the dust cover, hold the gear shift knob and pull it upwards.

remove bmw dust cover
put up the shift knob

After pulling out the shift knob, cut the suture between the shift knob and the boots with a knife. Then throw away the original bmw shift knob and keep the boots.

cut the shift knob suture

The gear lever is a straight rod with a diameter of 14mm. Pay attention to the inner diameter when purchasing a new shift knob. Wrap the ptfe tape (available at the hardware store), screw on the new shift knob, and tighten. Then fix the dust cover with tape.

Install the leather boot in place and you’re done. I can go racing.

fix the dust cover with tape
bmw manual shift knob replacement
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