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Honda SPIRIOR Modification Case

Nowadays, turbocharged engines have gradually become the mainstream, and how many people still have the opportunity to experience the pleasure brought by self-priming high-speed engines. Maybe in a few years, when new energy becomes the mainstream model, even the roar of the engine will not be felt, what a pity that would be.

But the raw mechanical feel of a car is still fascinating, especially since it’s called a “Honda.” Today, let’s talk about SPIRIOR, which is an unpopular Honda whether it is in the field of ordinary car owners or modified players.


In terms of appearance, the hood and rear spoiler are all customized. The carbon fiber material has a bit of a combat atmosphere. The original white paint is covered by a black color-changing film; in terms of the interior, the carbon fiber steering wheel, decorative panels, and L-style samurai With the handle of the knife, the style of the black warrior is gradually revealed.

carbon fiber interior
spirior interior
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