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toyota yaris modified

Modified Toyota Yaris For Family Use

The car owner decided to buy a small car when choosing a car because he did not have enough driving experience. Because the Toyota Yaris is extremely cost-effective in the same class, it became the object of her final purchase.

The original 16-inch wheels were upgraded to 17-inch Raxer RP10X. This wheel is very cost-effective, and the Flow Forming technology also makes the wheel lighter and stiffer, which helps the handling performance. The front wheel brakes use Nashin N3 senior calipers, which are painted in the same silver color as the body and wheels, which is very uniform. The 330mm brake discs are arranged just right inside the hub.

Raxer RP10X
Nashin N3

Both the pneumatic system and the shock absorber chose AirBFT, and the owner found a modification store to hide the pneumatic system, which met the following needs of the owner:

“The driving feeling should not be too hard, the original spare tire must be kept, and the pneumatic system should not take up the space in the trunk.


This car is mainly visual, because the interior is also a very important part. The custom carbon fiber steering wheel and carbon fiber gear knob looks like configurations only found on high-performance cars. Holding the idea that “the one that suits you is the best”, the owner chose to re-cover the comfortable and exquisite leather seats with blue stitching.

carbon fiber steering wheel
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