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toyota levin

Toyota Levin JDM Style Modification

Today, this Revin broke everyone’s traditional impression of this model and used its “ingenuity” to create a unique Revin.

Revin is a car that can no longer be used for home use. As for the improvement in power, unless the engine is replaced, it will not feel obvious improvement, so the owner chose JDM attitude style modification for this car.

The overall appearance does not adopt an exaggerated wide body with a large inclination angle, and coordination is obviously more important.

toyota levin

Air Lift 3H is selected for the pneumatic controller, and the golden partner SCC pneumatic vibration reduction is also selected for vibration reduction. Of course, lowering the body is not enough. The work wheels hub makes the overall look more coordinated.

work wheel hub

For braking, I chose Brembo’s 4-piston calipers. Although the 6-piston calipers are more perfect for such a big-data rim, for a car that has not been upgraded in terms of power, the 4-pistons are enough for daily needs.

Brembo 4 piston

The AK tail throat at the tail is a set of custom-made manual valves in the tail section. Occasionally hearing a sound at high speed is also the greatest respect for this hybrid Ralink.

The Japanese-style cloth covering the interior and the samurai sword gear handle add to the atmosphere of JDM, and the chrysanthemum knot on the rearview mirror is not just a decoration, but also symbolizes peace and auspiciousness.

interior jdm style
jdm katana shift knob
jdm style interior

Under the care of the owner, this Ralink is displayed in front of us with a brand-new attitude. The lively and beautiful body color, the proper body posture and the JDM atmosphere-filled interior decoration immediately attract attention on the road.

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