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Toyota Corolla XSE (2)

Red Lightning Toyota Corolla XSE

When it comes to Corolla, most people must have the impression of that family car, but when looking back at the history of the Corolla, you will find that the 1.6L inline four-cylinder 4A-GEU engine has been installed in the fifth-generation Corolla car series.

Due to the success of the initial D comics and the body hardware that is inherently suitable for drifting, it is still a popular model of JDM.

toyota corolla xse

Interior Part

The interior of the whole car is all black, two Corbeau Sportline RRS seats provide support during intense driving and seat heating function, Razo gear shifter is very JDM style, 1600W high-power speaker in the trunk is matched with Pioneer’s head While brushing the streets, you can also listen to a musical feast.

Corbeau Sportline RRS seats
JDM style shift knob

Running System

A set of Rays Volk Racing TE37SAGA wheels, black and red color matching with the body, in the center of the wheels is a set of Wilwood six-piston brake calipers.

Power Part

In terms of power, this Corolla basically maintains the power of the original 2.0L four-cylinder engine. It only replaces the exhaust with A’PEXi titanium alloy four-outlet exhaust, which allows the car to provide unique titanium alloy exhaust when driving.

Toyota Corolla XSE (2)
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