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mugen parts for honda

Mugen Auto Parts Special For Honda

MUGEN, a brand founded by Hirotoshi Honda, specializes in developing high-performance versions of Honda models. 

In 1973, Hiroshi Honda founded his own modification brand MUGEN Unlimited. The brand MUGEN Unlimited is known to all Honda fans, and it is synonymous with Honda’s performance.

MUGEN is an extremely legendary brand, which can be understood literally as unlimited, and its brand implies the infinite pursuit of vehicle modification and high-performance racing, breaking through all limitations.

HKS mid-end exhaust

The MUGEN oil cover is already a standard accessory for Honda fans.

Custom MUGEN RR style wheels paired with red small six-piston Nashin brakes.

Custom MUGEN RR style wheels paired

The MUGEN carbon fiber manual gear shifter feels very good.

mugen carbon fiber shift knob

The NARDI steering wheel is the visual focus.

NARDI steering wheel
mugen parts for honda
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